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Probability (Roy x Ed, Math 6) and "What's Your Sign?" (Roy x Ed, Sci 4)

Title: Probability
Author: vanessa_chan
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Theme: Mathematics-Probability
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA, it owns me.

The probability of an eleven year old surviving a human transmutation was slim at best.

The probability of said eleven year old transmuting his younger brother’s soul to a suit of armor was almost impossible.

The probability of a twelve year old becoming a National Alchemist was one in a million.

The probability of Roy Mustang and Edward Elric falling in love was one out of only-God-knows how many numbers actually exist.

Edward Elric truly knew how to beat probabilities.

Title: "What's Your Sign?"
Author: vanessa_chan
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Theme: Science-Astronomy or Astrology
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own FMA, it owns me.
Summary/Notes/Warnings: Winry sucks Ed into the new craze that's been going around Amestris...

Ed honestly didn’t understand why Winry loved astrology so much.

“See, Ed? It says here you’re an Aries! That seems to fit you pretty well, I mean, you ARE short tempered and all…”


“You,” the blond girl replied, flipping through the book of hocus-pocus, crystal blue eyes drinking up the information it had to offer. Ed rolled his eyes. He knew Winry wasn’t like other girls, but why oh WHY did she have to be part of the mass that was so caught up in the rage of ‘horrorscopes’ as Ed had dubbed them.

“Let’s see…Al is a cancer, no surprise there. I’m a Gemini…Hmm…Hey Ed, do you know what Ms. Hawkeye’s and Mr. Mustang’s signs are?”

Ed huffed, covering up the peak of interest that sparked unwillingly inside him. “No, why should I care?”

Winry just smiled knowingly, her eyes still not off the book. “Oh, no reason, just wanted to see how your signs get along, that’s all.”

“I see?” Ed questioned. “Well, speaking of the bastard Colonel, I better go and get that report done with.” Ed rose out of his seat and stretched before heading out the door.

Winry grinned wickedly behind Ed’s back. It should be interesting to see how this would go.


Nobody bothered to look up when Ed stormed across the room into Colonel Roy Mustang’s office. It was such a usual occurrence that nobody even bothered anymore. The slam that followed also tended to be ignored.

“Here’s your stupid report, bastard,” Ed announced, dropping the pile of papers in front of the zoning Colonel. Roy glanced up at Ed, his eyes slightly glazed over at whatever had occupied his train of thought.

“Oh, Fullmetal? When’d you get here?” Roy asked, his voice muffled in a slight daze. He smirked slightly as Ed went into a long rant on how Roy was a lazy bastard and that he should start worrying about his own work and asking what his sign was…

Wait, did Edward Elric just ask WHAT HIS SIGN WAS?

“Huh? What was that last question, Fullmetal?” Roy asked, finally snapping out of his self-induced stupor.

Ed fumed more before finally repeating the question. “What is your sign?”

A full-fledged smirk came back to the Colonel’s face, his eyes grinning in mischief. “Now, why would you want to know? I wasn’t aware that you liked stuff like that.”

“I…” Ed stuttered. “I just wanted to know, that’s all! Winry’s doing this weird thing and is trying to suck me into it and just tell me what your damn sign is!”

The damnable smirk never wavered from the raven-haired man’s face. “It’s Scorpio.”


This time people did look up when Ed raced from the Colonel’s office, his face beet red among other things. Colonel Mustang’s subordinates glanced at each other. There was suddenly a group clustered in a corner, hurried whispers coming from their mouths.

“Was it just me, or did it seem like Boss was hitting on the Colonel?”

“There’s no mistake about it, the way he said it and everything! Ed was just DYING to know if their signs were compatible or not, I’m sure of it!”

“This Astrology stuff is nonsense, why do you guys bother?”

“Figures that a Capricorn wouldn’t know what all this is about.”

“Hey! How’d you figure that out?”

“Military files come in handy.”

“Oh look, there’s Hawkeye, maybe she knows what the boss’s and Colonel’s signs are!”

“Hawkeye! Do you happen to know what Ed and Colonel’s signs are?”

“…And you want to know why…?”

“Umm…just because?”

Sigh. “Colonel is a Scorpio, while Edward-kun is an Aries. Now, I suggest you stop huddling in the corner like that before Colonel finds out what you guys are talking about…or at least to avoid being hurt.”

The group of men quickly obliged, more afraid of the First Lieutenant and her gun than an angry Mustang. They waited patiently until the blond woman left before huddling around the almighty book on Astrology.

“Damn Taurus!”

“Wait, she said Scorpio and Aries, right?”

“Yeah, so what does it say about them?”

“Fire and water, almost complete opposites. Chances of a steady romantic relationship is next to nil.”

The four man glanced at each other, then the office, then back at the book.

“…Well, they DO say that opposites attract…”

Notes: Yes, you're not supposed to know who's talking in that last bit with Havoc, Breda, Falman, Fuery, and Hawkeye :p And as I do not know if Hiromu release official birthdates.

EDIT: Ok, yes, I know we can debate the signs for forever, but I'm getting REALLY annoyed with people saying so-and-so is right and stuff. Astrology is iffy, and yes, I did stray from canon a little bit. These are MY interpretations. You can debate forever on what you think their signs are, but I seriously would rather not have you do it in my fanfic thread. I posted these looking for feedback, as I am new to writing FMA fiction. If you have ANY sort of problem with the signs I chose, then don't debate about it here, PLEASE T_T At least comment on the damn fic! *end rant* Sorry for being a bitch, but I'm starting to get annoyed with the way some of the people are acting >>;;
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